Security in Times of Surveillance, 29 May 2017

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On May 29 you will receive from us a nametag. The paper insert is personalized on one side and carries the event logo on the other side. You can choose which side to wear, but please wear one so that we know you're registered because we need to limit the number of attendees to the maximal room capacity. So, think about the tag as a pin or stamp that proves you're registered and that it also provides the opportunity to signal a name should you choose to.

We do not really care what you enter here and we will print exactly what you provide (yes, even if your last name is Null). If you use a pseudonym please pick one that you remember on the day of the event so that we can find your nametag. We require you to enter an email address that you can be reached at so that we can contact you with updates if necessary. Please do not spam somebody else.

Please be social and only register if you really intend to come. This event is free of charge for you, but you cost us about 30 EUR in food and you're taking somebody else's seat. That said, we hope you come and have an interesting day.

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